Wujiang Fuqiang Textiles Co., Ltd.
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300T Poly taffeta Printed+CIRed
Mechanical Stretch Lining
Chiffon Crepe Printed
Chiffon Crepe
Dull Satin Spandex
Nylon taffeta shell fabric
                 Polyester taffeta
                 Polyester pongee
                 Imitated silk
                 Nylon taffeta
                 Polyester suede
                 Memory fabric/imitation
                 Oxford fabric
                 Rayon fabric
                 Nylon taslon
                 Polyester peach skin
    winter proof fabrics  
    Women's clothing fabrics  
Wujiang Fuqiang Textiles Co., Ltd.
Our main products are polyester taffeta, polyester pongee, nylon taffta, memory fabric, chiffon, satin and various leisure fabrics.

Wujiang Fuqiang Textiles Co., Ltd.is a new private enterprise which was born in 1997.It is located in a beautiful town Shengze,which is famous for textile filed,and only one and half an hour away from Shanghai port ...
  Vision:let the rich and powerful...
Goal:to develop into a certain...
Mission: to cultivate teaching...
Belief: know there is no power...
Aim: to ensure the enterprise...
Live view: self cultivation ...
Talent: loyalty, integrity...
  Tel: +86-512-63500568
Fax: +86-512-63516288
Contact: Manager Shen
Add:No.2-6 Shengze Silk Centre Wujiang City,Jiangsu Province China
  @ wjfuqiang.com
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